UPUSEC.POST fact sheet

The objective is to provide UPU members with a secure e-mail service, in full compliance with the .POST secure e-mail server policy and benefiting from .POST monitoring protection against phishing, malware and spam.


  • Provide member countries' official representatives and the UPU secretariat with a secure information exchange platform
  • Establish a new trusted and verifiable method for official communication between the secretariat and delegates
  • Lay the foundation for a digital platform for the dissemination of official communications during the Istanbul cycle (circulars, circular letters, member invoices, EmIS messages, documentation, etc.)


  • All senders and receivers accredited and authenticated, enhancing trust in the identity of representatives
  • Secure system with known and verified senders and receivers, i.e. no more unknown e-mail addresses for official communications
  • Verifiable and trackable transmission of messages, to increase accountability and prevent conflicts and confusion over missing letters, announcements, invoices, etc.
  • All messages treated as confidential, increasing security of official communications
  • Key stakeholders able to protect their confidential and sensitive information exchanged with the UPU
  • Economical and efficient: fast paperless communication with government stakeholders and designated operators
  • Secure addresses mean messages always go through, rather than being blocked by filtering systems

For further information on the UPUSEC project, please e-mail: