.POST, a trusted space managed by the UPU

.POST is the first Internet space governed by a UN organization. In 2012, the .POST top-level domain (TLD) was launched as a community-regulated domain for the postal and mail community. .POST is backed by the UPU's regulations, standards and legal framework.

.POST is the postal community's dedicated TLD with unique values and benefits.

Benefits of registering a .POST domain

  • .POST is exclusive.
    It is a privileged combination reserved exclusively for members of the postal community.
    It is an industry-specific branded Internet space. The .POST identifier is short, memorable, global and search engine-friendly. .POST will immediately identify legitimate postal services and avoid confusion for Internet-users.
  • .POST is a trusted premium Internet space.
    All .POST web sites are 100 per cent DNSSEC secured; so Internet users can trust that a .POST domain will not take them to an inauthentic postal web site. Moreover, thanks to the IP monitoring system, round-the-clock security monitoring is provided for all .POST web sites against malware, phishing, botnet and spam.

Registration criteria

The UPU is responsible for verifying domain names for postal-sector stakeholders meeting the eligibility criteria defined in the Domain Management Policy (DMP).

For trademark protection, there is a strict control of registrations, strict renewal policy and no ownership transfer. Prove intellectual property rights (IPR) over the string to be registered, and provide us with the necessary legal supporting documents.

For technical information, .POST registrants must be able to document and confirm their DNSSEC capability and provide the necessary technical details.

  • If your hosting provider is able to provide a DNSSEC service, you should supply us with the DNS name servers that will be hosting your domain.
  • If your hosting provider is unable to provide DNSSEC capabilities, the UPU's International Bureau can provide a service to sign the domain name.

Eligibility criteria

In order to verify your eligibility to register a .POST domain name and to issue a .POST Community ID, the UPU goes through a verification process:

  • The UPU verifies that you are a member of the .POST sponsored community, in accordance with the rules defined in the DMP, and issues your Community ID to be used to register and manage your domains. Please refer to the DMP for more information on the list and descriptions of the registrant groups within the sponsored community.
  • All .POST web sites are compliant with the DMP, which guarantees the existence of the web site exclusively for UPU-recognized organizations.

Call to action

Think in terms of a portfolio of domain names; maximize your presence on the Internet with multiple entry points, and integrate .post domain names in your Internet strategy.

Where to get started?

Apply for your Community ID. For support during this process, please contact us or by telephone (+41 31 350 36 21).