.POST registrar

To become a .POST registrar, an entity must already be accredited by ICANN. The UPU will soon be releasing its policy on accreditation/approval of ICANN-accredited registrars to become .POST registrars.

ICANN-accredited registrars will have to submit an application to the UPU that successfully addresses the business and technical capabilities included in the application.
Applicants must agree to all the terms presented in the .POST sTLD registrar accreditation agreement.

For further information, please contact the .POST team.

Customization of .POST registrations

Registrars will likely need to make customizations to address the verification requirements of the .POST sponsored TLD. These requirements are detailed in the .POST sTLD registrar accreditation agreement.


All .POST registrars must establish a deposit account to cover their anticipated .POST registrations.