.POST zone file access

Zone File Access (ZFA) is the credentialing necessary for an end-user to obtain a TLD zone files data.

TLD Zone files contains information about domain names that are active in that TLD (domain names, associated name server names and IP addresses).

ZFA provider

Each registry updates TLD zone files for its respective TLD and is subject to zone file data access requirements (providing this access daily at no cost and permit download zone file data).

A registry provides access to zone files to any person or organization that signs and abides by a ZFA Agreement (approved users).

ZFA consumer

End-users are typically researchers, brand owners and others for business purposes from gTLD registries.

This information is available publicly because in DNS you can query and get the information. That’s the main purpose of a public DNS.

How to proceed

To receive .POST zone files, you must complete and sign the .POST zone file access agreement by opposite link.

Once you have returned the completed agreement to us, we will provide you with access instructions.

Please send your completed agreement to the .POST registry support:

  • By fax (+41 31 351 02 66)
  • By e-mail (please use the "Contact by e-mail" opposite link)